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Fragrance and flavor compounds, bioactives and natural cosmetic specialties.

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Premier Specialties. Inc. is an International Manufacturer of Fragrance & Flavor Compounds with world class Natural, Organic and Sustainable  materials for the Cosmetic and Personal Care Industries. We apply a holistic approach to sourcing and creation of our ingredients which results in unique, differentiated solutions that meet the demands and needs of our customers‘, their customers and the environment.

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Welcome to Premier’s new website! Our goal was to make this site as user friendly as possible, while still showcasing our extensive portfolio. While perusing our updated site, please check out our new additions while searching our established favorites:

Natural Preservier Liquid – NPA approved preservation #615930
WA White/Babassu Powder – Brazilian oil absorbing, soft focus powder #466125
EcoG+ Liquid 100 – Antimicrobial silver ion protection #694900
Lingonberry Oil – An omega rich Nordic emollient #315900 
Binchotan White Charcoal Powder – Activated charcoal for detoxifying & exfoliating #135860

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